Recommendation <br/> methodology

Investment recommendation methodology

Investment recommendation is subjective as it is mainly based on investor’s attitude towards risk. It nonetheless logically results from the analysis, which is objective and based on facts.

Several relevant recommendations can be issued simultaneously .

We may provide different recommendations on several time horizons as soon as we think they are relevant.

An investment recommendation includes a time horizon (several hours, days or weeks), a direction (buy/sell), a type of order, an entry price (limit order or trigger order), a take-profit target and a stop-loss.

The regulation dictates that we must provide a follow-up of all our recommendations. Once a recommendation has been published by one of our analysts, our robot will initiate an automated tracking. The analyst is informed of the evolution of his recommendation. He is free to adequately alter the take-profit target and stop-loss if he considers it is appropriate.

The evolution of the recommendation is available below each of our analysis on our client’s website.

Monitoring tables are being prepared.

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Recommendation methodology