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Une bonne capitulation serait tout le mal que l’on pourrait souhaiter aux marchés européens. Sans cela, point de rebond, car jusqu’à présent les dirigeants politiques européens n’ont pas pris les bonnes décisions pour enrayer la crise et rassurer les investisseurs.

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The drop in implied volatility of the Euro STOXX 50 index, which saw it hit the lowest level since March last week, signalled high investor complacency and it could fuel the market's sell-off triggered on Friday, analysts say.

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European shares climbed to a four-month high on Thursday as another string of estimate-beating corporate results surprised investors who had braced for a weak show.

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European shares fell on Friday, signalling a five-week rally was likely coming to an end as hopes waned that a summit deal to tackle the euro zone crisis would come into effect soon or central banks offer more stimulus measures.

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